Resolutions 2014

2014 is here since a week ago now.  I'll talk about some of my 2014 resolutions.

1. Workout every week, more than one time:

Resolution 2014

I decide to create a workout outfit.  Some of you want to stay fashionable for your workout. Here is a good one. The tee is a mesh tee, so when it's summer, it's great to have.  The adidas shoes, I have them & I love them very much. I suggest them to everyone. 

2. Eat fruits & veggies: I'm not a girl who eats a lot of fast food, but you know, when you have chocolate at home or cookies, chips & popcorn you want to eat some of them, but this year I decide to eat healthy, just eating them at special occasions.

3. Finish projects: Actually I'm a girl who starts a lot of things, but finish them a lot of times after I started them or I never finish them. So this year, I will finish everything that I start  & in a proper time. An example: finishing the clean up of my bedroom & decoration.

4. Visiting: I love visiting new places or found a new store around my town. This year I'll try to have to visiting some new places, around my town or around the world. Some places around the world I want to visit: England, Australia, France & Spain. I also want to go back in California, where I lived  for two weeks to learn English.

5.  Be more positive: It's easy to be negative when things didn't go like we thought. Actually, if you following me on instagram, twitter & tumblr, you will probably saw some positifs quote that I post. I do think is important to be positive, life could be a lot more easier in that way.

These 5 resolutions are  my principal resolutions of 2014!

What is your resolutions for 2014? What do you think about the workout outfit? Leave me comment below :)