Prints Pants Outfit

Prints Pants
Spring is almost here. It's why I decide to go with a spring outfit at some point.  I go with a monochrome outfit and adds some color with the orange nail polish and red bag. I also add a contrast with the gold rings.  The sunglasses and the scarf adds something to the outfit and complete it as well.

Le printemps est quasiment arrivé. C'est pour cela que je suis allée pour un outfit plus printanier.  J'ai choisi un outfit monochrome et j'ai ajoutée de la couleur avec le vernis à ongle orange et la sacoche rouge. J'ai aussi ajoutée un contraste avec les bagues or.  Les lunettes de soleil et le foulard ajoutent quelque chose à l'outfit et le complètent aussi. 

What do you think about this outfit? Do you like it? Leave me a comment below! :) 
Que penses-tu de cet outfit? Est-ce que tu l'aimes? Laisse-moi un commentaire! :) 

Outfitmas 5

Outfitmas 5

The last Outfitmas of 2014. I hope it helps some of you and that you enjoy it.  I opt for a simple and fashionable look.  The faux fur gilet  at something special to the outfit and it completes the look too. I add some colours with the red bag and nail polish.  I decide to put a boot to create something nice and to complete the look.

What do you think about it ? Do you like it? Did you like Outfitmas Posts? Leave me a comment below!:) 

Outfitmas Series


I decide to do an "Outfitmas" Series until Christmas. So, once a week I'll post an outfit ideas for a Christmas party or for a New Year's Eve party.

Today I decide to go with a more casual look.  It's simple, fashionable and pretty. The velvet skirt and the brogue add something chic and the sweaters add something casual.  I mix both of them to create this amazing look, perfect for a party. I add gold jewellery  to complete the look and add a contrast.

What do you think about this outfit? Do you like it? Leave me a comment below! :) 


Here is my outfit for today. It's simple, fashionable and pretty.   I go with a skirt and a crop top because it's a hot  weather today.  I add some gold accessories, like my sandals and jewellery.  I didn't put my bad, but it's a white bag. I add a little contrast with my light blue nail polish. 

Top: Topshop Sold Out 
Skirt: Simons Sold Out
Sandals: Call It Spring Sold Out .. Similar
Jewellery:  Homemade & Pandora

What do you think about this outfit? Do you like it? Leave me  a comment below! :) 


This outfit is my outfit today. I wear Ugg boots because it's very cold outside today.  This coat is not my coat, it's a similar one, I couldn't find mine.  I also wear an infinity scarves, but I couldn't find the one that I have, so I didn't put it, if you go on my instagram you can see it there.

Do you like my outfit? What do you think about it? Leave me a comment below! :) 

OOTD by whatwearwith featuring a pea jacket

Christmas/New Year's Eve Outfits Ideas 2013

In the last few weeks I've been posting some outfit ideas for Christmas & the New Year's Eve. So I decide to  do a post about all the outfits I did since today.  I'll probably post some others  to help you.  You'll find  some skirt outfit & dress outfit.  In the trend for Christmas & New Year's Eve you can go with metallic clothes, like the dress below in the slideshow, also the sequin clothes & the velvet clothes too. Also the fluffy sweater can be pretty for Christmas. You can find  some with sequin in them.  Also for Christmas and the New Year's Eve you can go with basic clothes, but add some pretty & unique accessories, like the plastron necklace. I hope this post will help you. Keep looking at this  blog for others Christmas/New Year's Eve outfits ideas.

Which outfit is your favourite? Do you like them? Leave me a comment below !:)

Christmas Outftis idea 2013 by whatwearwith on


This outfit was my outfit today, especially  for the event that I went to.  I didn't find the coat that I wore and the bracelet.  So I wore a black jeans with a cute Knitted Mixed  Yarn Jumper from Topshop. Honestly this jumper is so comfortable. I love it so much.  I wore the Milla Lace Up Shoes. I love them, I put them on a lot of my latest outfits, they are very comfortable and useful. You can wear them for like every occasion.  I add some colour with the nail polish.  My event tonight wasn't chic at all, so it's for that reason I went with this outfit.  My rings are from Pandora. I couldn't find my coat because it's a coat from last year collection from Urban Outfitters, actually.  My bracelet are from Topshop  & if you go on my instagram is the  first bracelet picture with the M. Here the link for the bracelet:

Do you like this outfit? What do you think about it ? Leave me a comment below :) 

OOTD by whatwearwith featuring Topshop

Skirt Outfit

Skirt Outfit
An other Outfit for a Christmas party or  for an event.  I love the sweater with the crystal stud on it. It can be casual and be more chic for an event. It's all depend with what you wearing it. I like this grey velvet skirt. It can be chic and pretty.  I love velvet clothes this year.  You can wear some heel with it or a chic flat shoes.  You can also take this sweater in an other colour, like the charcoal one or the  berry red to be more christmassy with gold jewellery.  I put a cute multi glitter nail polish to add something special at the outfit.

Do you like this outfit? What do you think about it? Leave me a comment below ! :)

Here the link for the other colours of the sweaters : Sweaters

My birthday gift

Hello everyone,

Approximately  two weeks ago it was my birthday. I received some nice gift from my family and friends. I want to share with you some of the gift I received because I wear  them almost everyday. I fall in love with them.

One of my gift was two rings from Pandora. My mom and family ask me what I want for my  18 birthday and I did a list, I put two Pandora rings, I thought to receive just one, but I received both of them. When I saw them for the first time, I fall in love with them. They are very pretty since I received them, a lot of people told me: "I love your rings"  "These rings is very beautiful"  "Your  rings are very beautiful".

The second one is a bracelet. I didn't ask it, but I received it. I really like it too.  I didn't wear it everyday, but almost.  I really like it too. It's very pretty and goes with like everything.

Sorry, for this one I don't have the link. 

I also received two necklaces, one with my name on it. I love it! I wear it everyday. It's very pretty. The other one is a necklaces that  it was at my great-grandmother.  I received it because my name is Marie because of her.  Her name is Marie. I think it's like the best 18 birthday gift for me, it means a lot of me.

Sorry I don't have the link for both of them .. because they are both unique & I didn't have a picture of my other necklace. 

So their my 18 birthday gift that I received. Do you like them?  Leave me a comment below :)

Dress Outfit

Dress Outfit
I found this dress ( yes it's a dress, sorry for the picture, it's the only one I found).  I just love that dress, because it's original and beautiful.  I put red nail polish, because I choose a ring with red and the converse have a red line on them.

Do you like this dress? Do you like this outfit?