Coachella | Summer Festival 2015

I know the first weekend of Coachella is now over, but you still have the next weekend and other summer festival where you will ask yourself what to wear.  Here are some outfit ideas that I create and join together in this collection to help you and to get inspiration from.

Je sais que la première fin de semaine de Coachella est terminée, mais il reste la deuxième fin de semaine et d'autre festival cet été que tu vas te demander ce que tu vas mettre. J'ai créée quelques outfits et ajoutée des outfis que j'avais déjà faits à cette collection pour t'aider et pour que  tu puisses t'inspirer d'eux. 

What do you think about those looks? Do you like them? Are you going at any music festival this summer?  Leave me a comment below! :)
Que penses-tu de ces looks? Est-ce que tu les aimes?  Est-ce que tu vas à un festival de musique cet été?  Laisse-moi un commentaire! :) 

Outfitmas Series


I decide to do an "Outfitmas" Series until Christmas. So, once a week I'll post an outfit ideas for a Christmas party or for a New Year's Eve party.

Today I decide to go with a more casual look.  It's simple, fashionable and pretty. The velvet skirt and the brogue add something chic and the sweaters add something casual.  I mix both of them to create this amazing look, perfect for a party. I add gold jewellery  to complete the look and add a contrast.

What do you think about this outfit? Do you like it? Leave me a comment below! :) 

Outfit Idea | Long Jacket & Jeans

Outfit Idea | Long Jacket & Jeans
Autumn, Winter those seasons where you wear a jacket, a coat and a beanies.  Here, a perfect outfit for that. The jacket in itself adds something special at the outfit and also complete the look. I add a bit of colour with the red nail polish.  I add a contrast with the gold jewellery and completes the look with it.  The beanie add a little touch to the outfit.

What do you think about this outfit? Do you like it ? Leave me a comment below! :)

Outfit Idea | sweaters

Outfit idea | sweaters
Casual outfit, always a great choice in autumn and winter when it became cold outside. Sometimes, you can find your outfit very simple, but you can just add an accessories like a scarf and creates a very nice look, like I did with this outfit. Also, the boots add something special and complete the look as well.  I add a bit of colour with the scarf and the nail polish and also, they goes together.

What do you think about this look? Do you like it? Leave me a comment below! :) 

Casual Look

Casual Look
I know it's been a while since I post on my blog. I've been busy with work and school. I'll be back on track this month.

Today, I got inspiration for a casual outfit. As it become a bit colder outside because of autumn I decide to create a look with a leather jacket and booties.  Autumn and winter are my favourites seasons to create some awesome looks because of the accessories that you an add at your outfit such as gloves, hat, coats, etc....  On this outfit I opt for a ripped jeans with a nice basic tee.  The booties add something at the outfit as well as the oxblood bag that also add a bit of color.  The gold jewellery add a little contrast and complete the look very well.

What do you think about this outfit? Do you like it? Leave me a comment below! :) 

Pini Dress Outfit

Pini Dress Outfit
Pini dress is very pretty and easy to wear. You can wear them with crop top, tee, shirt, sweater, sweatshirt, etc... Today I decide to go with a crop top and Play Comme Des Garçons shoes. It's more casual and sportive too.   I complete the look with this a Marc by Marc Jacobs Backpack.  I add some colour with the green nail polish and a contrast with the gold jewellery.

What do you think about this outfit? Do you like it? Leave me a comment below! :) 

Mesh Sweater Outfit

Mesh Sweater Outfit
What a beautiful sweater!  When I saw it, I was like I have to make  an outfit with it. I do think this outfit is perfect for everything, you can go to school, go to work (actually it depends where you work & what is your job), hang out with friends, going shopping, etc..  I put these beautiful boots from Topshop. They are pretty & unique.  This coat at something special at the outfit. It's the same thing for the jewellery too. I add a little colour with the nail polish.

What do you think about it? Do you like it? Do you like these boots & this sweater? Leave me a comment below ! :)

NYFW Day 6-7

Honestly,  the day 6 and 7 of the New York Fashion Week are like my favourite one. It started with the Tory Burch Fashion Show. I have to say that her fashion show was amazing and her collection too. Her Spring 2014 collection is vintage. I love some pieces and bags.  After it continues with the Vera Wang Fashion Show. It was a very beautiful fashion show with beautiful clothes. Also, on day 6 it was the Diesel Black Gold fashion show and their spring 2014 collection is just to amazing. I like a lot of pieces, seriously I can't wait for spring to come it will  be awesome.  My favourite part of the day was the Marc by Marc Jacobs Fashion Show. Marc Jacobs is my favourite designer for ages. I was so happy to watch his fashion show. The fashion show was wonderful. A lot of beautiful clothes.   I love all the pieces of clothes, are almost. I think it's my favourite fashion show so far for the New York Fashion Week.

On day 7I was just able to watched the Michael Kors fashion show. It was a great fashion show. A lot of beautiful clothes for the spring 2014. I like some look and pieces from the collection.

Here some pictures of the fashion shows.

Tory Burch:

Vera Wang:

Marc Jacobs:

Diesel Black Gold:

Michael Kors:

Which designer is you favourite?  Leave me a comment below:)

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Saint-Patrick's outfit 2

Saint-Patrick's outfit 2
I did the outfit more early than what I was thinking, because I have busy night tonight, a lot of thing to do.  I decided to did this outfit with a Saint-Partick's t-shirt. You can add a white or black beanie if you want.  I choose this nail polish because it's match with the green of the t-shirt.

Do you like this outfit? Do you like the t-shirt?