London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week

The London Fashion Week was awesome. A lot of beautiful collections & fashion show, I like a lot of them. I have to say that the Cara Delevingne Mulberry Bags collection is awesome. I love her bags, they are beautiful, fashionable and practical.   My two favourite fashion shows are the Topshop Unique & Burberry, like always.  All the fashion show that I watch was amazing & the collections are awesome.  I'm very excited to the AW14 collection come in store. I was very excited that spring is about to come, but with all those awesome collections, can we stay in winter & have those collections in store right now?

For the Beauty at fashion shows, I have to say that I like the natural look at the Burberry Fashion Show.  I saw a lot of  nice makeup for the London Fashion Week, unique and pretty.  It's another side of fashion weeks that is very interesting. I like looking at makeup, see what they do & some  times what they do it.

The London Fashion Week is so far the fashion week I enjoy the most, for now. London it's a beautiful city with amazing designer, brand & collection.

What is your favourite AW14 collection from the London Fashion Week? What do you think about the London Fashion Week? 

LFW Outfit 3

LFW Outfit 3
What a great outfit for the London Fashion Week when you wear a Burberry coat, Topshop jeans, top & shoes with a Mulberry bag.   I love these Boyfriend jeans & these shoes too.  I add some colour with the turquoise nail polish. I put gold rings, you can also wear big gold chain necklace to complete the look too.

What do you think about this outfit? Do you like it?  Leave me a comment below! :) 

LFW Outfit 2

LFW Outfit 2
London Fashion Week start tomorrow. It's so exciting, I can't wait to see some fashion shows. This outfit is simple, a cute boyfriend jeans with a tee. I have to say that the coat completes the look and the shoes too. I love both of them. They are unique and pretty.  I put some gold jewellery.  I add some colour with this nail polish.

What do you think about this outfit? Do you like it? Which fashion show you are excited about? Leave me a comment below! :) 

LFW Outfit1

LFW Outfit1

The London Fashion Week start this Friday. It's very exciting.  Today, I decide to do an outfit idea for the London Fashion Week.  I go with an original boyfriend jeans, with a white tee & a pretty grey coat.  I have to say that I like this jeans from Topshop Boutique so much. I put a black bag & shoes. I add some colour with this turquoise nail polish.  I put some gold jewellery to complete the look.

What do you think about this outfit? Do you like it? Leave me a comment below! :) 

Favourite Look Of The Week

Today on the Favourite Look Of The Week I choose Tanya Burr and Miranda Kerr.  I love more than one look this week and definitely more than just Tanya Burr and Miranda Kerr looks, but I had to choose and I choose them.  

Tanya Burr:

Honestly it was difficult to choose the outfit of Tanya Burr, because she wore some really cute outfits for the London Fashion Week. The look she had at the Mulberry fashion show was beautiful and lovely. You can check others of her look from the London Fashion Week on her blog here: I choose this look because I love this dress. How pretty it is . I love the contrast with her bag & I love her bag.  I love everything of this look !! Love it!! 

Miranda Kerr: 

I love her dress. How pretty it is ?!?  I love the details of this dress.  I love her green & gold back. It adds a contrast with her dress and complete the look. I also like her gold sandals.  

I also love her denim look. I love her bad and her shoes in the look.  I really want to share with you this look to show you that you can mix denim together and created a very nice look like this one. 

Which looks is your favourite one?   Leave me a comment below :) 

London Fashion Week

The London fashion week is now ended. It was an amazing week. Honestly I prefer the London Fashion week then the New York Fashion Week.  As you know, I watched some fashion show. My favourites are Mulberry, Topshop and Burberry runway so far. It's always my favourites one.  I actually post about them in my lastest post. All the runway was amazing, a lot of nice collection. I'm very exciting about the spring 2014 to come.

I was very happy to see Cara Delevingne at the Mulberry, Topshop and Burberry runway. She's my favourite models, she have such a beautiful personality and she's such an inspiration for a lot of persons. She's a great model.

Also, I was happy too see some of the look at the London Fashion Week, it's one of my favourites part of a fashion week.  I love seeing the style of everyone, something you don't think about wearing some stuff together and then you saw someone who put this thing together and it gives an amazing look.   It's nice to see how everyone looks different and they all have their own style. I love fashion week for that and of course for the runway. It's not a surprise if I told you that the Favourite Look Of The Week post will be about the style that I love form person who went at the London Fashion Week.

Here is some of my favourites look from runway:


House of Holland: 




Which runway is your favourite?  Did you like the London Fashion Week? Leave me a comment below:) 

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Yesterday it was the Burberry runway. It was like I expected it. Honestly, is one of my favourites fashion shows like the Mulberry one and the Topshop one.  It's the only I watched.  The collection is fantastic like always. A lot of colour, texture and nice motif too.  I fall in love with a lot of pieces, actually.  I was happy to see the model Cara Delevingne, she's my favourite model and she was in my three favourites fashion show / company that I love.  This runway was special because at the end  Rose petals failing from the ceiling that was very pretty and perfect.

Here some pictures of  my favourite looks:

Did you watch the Burberry runway? What do you think about it? Do you like the SS14 collection? Leave a comment below:) 

Mulberry & Topshop Unique

Yesterday I watched two of the three fashion show I was exciting about. I watched the Mulberry Fashion Show and the Topshop Unique Fashion Show. They were both amazing.

The Topshop Unique Fashion Show, the clothes was like I expected them and the fashion show too. The SS14 collection is incredible. A lot  of colour and motif.  I fall in love with a lot of pieces. I can't to the spring to come because of this collection.

Here some pictures:

The  Mulberry Fashion Show was amazing, like I said before. The collection is fantastic too. A lot of motif and texture.  The bags are so pretty. I fall in love with the collection. 

Here some pictures: 

Did you like this two fashion shows? Which one is your favourite? Leave me a comment below:)

LFW Day 2

London Fashion Week is my favourite fashion week ever. I didn't watch fashion show from the London Fashion Week on  Friday because I was to busy with other things. But, Today  I saw the J.W. Anderson SS14 collection and it's amazing. It's a designer I was waiting to see his collection. I love it.  It's unique and pretty. A lot of nice clothes and texture.

Here some pictures of the collection:

As you probably know I was waiting to for the House of Holland SS14 Collection. How I expected, the collection is fantastic, a lot of colour and motif.   I love it too.

Here some pictures of the collection:

I'm excited to see the Topshop Unique Fashion show and the Mulberry Fashion Show.

Which collection did you prefer? Which fashion show are you exciting about ? Leave me a comment below! :)

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LFW Outfit

LFW Outfit
This morning I thought it was a good idea if I do  a LFW Outfit because it's the London Fashion Week. Every pieces are from England's company. Honestly, I love the boyfriends jeans and I decide to put it on the outfit, I think it creates a really nice look. Also, the beautiful top add something very special at the outfit. I love this top, it from the Unique AW13 collection.  I add a colour with the nail polish.  You know something I love about fashion week, it's the street style, you can see a lot of style and a lot of outfits you can take inspiration from, like this one I created.

Do you like this outfit? What do you think about it? Leave me a comment below :)

NYFW Day 8 + LFW

Yesterday was  the last of the New York Fashion Week.  Yesterday I watched the Marc Jacobs fashion show for the Marc Jacobs collection. It's the only fashion show I watched. As you probably know, I love Marc Jacobs.  His fashion show was  unique as his clothes. I enjoyed it!

Here some look from Marc Jacobs fashion show:

Today is the London Fashion Week. It started this morning. I am very excited about this fashion week because a lot of my favourite brand and designer are from England. It will be a very awesome  week with the Mulberry, Burberry, Topshop Unique, J.W.Anderson fashion show and more.

Did you like the New York Fashion Week? Are you excited about the London Fashion Week? Leave me a comment below :)

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