Coachella | Summer Festival 2015

I know the first weekend of Coachella is now over, but you still have the next weekend and other summer festival where you will ask yourself what to wear.  Here are some outfit ideas that I create and join together in this collection to help you and to get inspiration from.

Je sais que la première fin de semaine de Coachella est terminée, mais il reste la deuxième fin de semaine et d'autre festival cet été que tu vas te demander ce que tu vas mettre. J'ai créée quelques outfits et ajoutée des outfis que j'avais déjà faits à cette collection pour t'aider et pour que  tu puisses t'inspirer d'eux. 

What do you think about those looks? Do you like them? Are you going at any music festival this summer?  Leave me a comment below! :)
Que penses-tu de ces looks? Est-ce que tu les aimes?  Est-ce que tu vas à un festival de musique cet été?  Laisse-moi un commentaire! :) 

Prints Pants Outfit

Prints Pants
Spring is almost here. It's why I decide to go with a spring outfit at some point.  I go with a monochrome outfit and adds some color with the orange nail polish and red bag. I also add a contrast with the gold rings.  The sunglasses and the scarf adds something to the outfit and complete it as well.

Le printemps est quasiment arrivé. C'est pour cela que je suis allée pour un outfit plus printanier.  J'ai choisi un outfit monochrome et j'ai ajoutée de la couleur avec le vernis à ongle orange et la sacoche rouge. J'ai aussi ajoutée un contraste avec les bagues or.  Les lunettes de soleil et le foulard ajoutent quelque chose à l'outfit et le complètent aussi. 

What do you think about this outfit? Do you like it? Leave me a comment below! :) 
Que penses-tu de cet outfit? Est-ce que tu l'aimes? Laisse-moi un commentaire! :) 

Cape Outfit

Cape Outfit

Today I decide to go with a spring/summery outfit with the cape and camisole.  I add a bit of color with the red bag and orange nail polish. The sunglasses complete the look and add something special to the outfit.

Aujourd'hui, je suis allée pour un look plus estival avec le poncho et la camisole. J'ai ajouté un peu de couleur avec le sac rouge et le vernis à ongle orange.  Les lunettes de soleil complète le look et lui ajoute quelque chose de spécial. 

What do you think about this outfit? Do you like it? Leave me a comment below! :) 
Que penses-tu de cet outfit? Est-ce que tu l'aimes? Laisse-moi un commentaire! :) 

Dress Outfit

Dress Outfit
This outfit is the last dress outfit before Christmas. I don't know yet if I'll do another one before New Year's Eve.  I hope it'll help you, if you didn't find your outfit yet for Christmas or New Year's Eve.  I like this cute Snake Embossed velvet dress. It's very pretty, simple and fashionable. I add gold jewellery with it & gold glitter nail polish with. You can go with silver too.  I didn't put a necklace because of the top of this dress, is pretty and you don't need to add a necklace.  I put a black and gold shoes, if you go for sliver jewellery I suggest you to go with a silver & black shoes, a sliver, black one or a white one.  You can also wear a brogue with it too.

Do you like this dress? What do you think about this outfit? Leave me a comment below :)

Gift Guide 2013

December is the month the most busy for everyone. You have to prepare everything for the Christmas parties & New Year Eve. You have to go shopping find gift for a friend or family and it's always complicated because you never know what to give. Here is a little  Gift Guide that it can help you to find the perfect gift for your friends, family and the host/Hostess. 
Gift Guide 2013

Bags: A cute bags it's always appreciate by girls. You don't need to buy an expensive one, but a pretty/fashionable one. 

Mug: A mug is a great gift. I love drinking a tea or coffee and I'm sure your friends and family use them too. It's a great cute gift that it's not very expensive. 

Perfume: I know perfume are very personal, but if you know someone who have a perfume and need another bottle it's a good gift. Also you can buy some roller ball, so they can keep have them in their bag. 

Nail Polish:  A nail polish it's a great gift. It's simple and almost all the girl wear them. You can find some more expensive like others  or less expensive.

Lipstick: A cute lipstick is appreciate too. If you know someone who love trying news colours and love them it's a great gift too. You can find some very expensive like some others are less expensive. 

Books: A good book it's a great gift. If you know someone who love fashion you can go for a fashion book. You just have to go with the taste of the person you give the gift. 

Wallets: A beautiful wallets is always appreciate. You can find some pretty and fashionable one. 

Rings: A pretty ring is always a good gift or some pretty rings too. You know when you find the fashionable one & you know  a girl who love fashion, it's a great gift. 

Warm/Cozy Clothes: A scarves, gloves and hats it's a great gift. When you are living in a cold country is always appreciate. 

Is it helps you ? Do you have some others idea? Leave me a comment below :)