Wintery Look

Wintery Look

Flared jeans are coming back. I decide to opt for a "wintery" look with the flared jeans. This outfit is very simple. The accessories complete the look and add something to the outfit to make it more fashionable.  For example, the hat and the sunglasses add something special to it.

Les jeans à jambes évasés reviennent à la mode. J'ai décidé de faire un look plus hivernal avec eux.  L'outfit est vraiment simple. Les accessoires ajoutent quelque chose au look et ils le complètent bien. Comme par exemple, le chapeau et les lunettes de soleil ajoutent quelque chose de spécial à l'outfit. 

What do you think about the flared jeans and the outfit? Do you like them? Leave me a comment below! :)     Que penses-tu  des jeans à jambe évasés et de cet outfit? Est-ce que tu les aimes? Laisse-moi un commentaire! :)


For this Outfitmas I decide to go with a "chic look". I keep it simple and add a little gold jewellery and nail polish to complete the look and add a bit of contrast. Yes, I put heel sandals, you can wear when you arrive at your party or year a black heel. It's completely opt to you.  I decide to add a coat because some of you will need a coat to go at your party. This one is perfect your it. It also adds something special at the outfit.

What do you think about? Do you like it? Leave me a comment below! :) 

Outfit Idea | Burberry Poncho

Outfit idea | Burberry Poncho
Since the Burberry Fashion show back in February, I'm kind of obsess with this poncho. It's pretty. I decide to create an outfit idea with it.  It's very simple, fashionable and casual. It's perfect for a work outfit, dinner and for cold day in autumn/winter.  I go with an oxblood skirt with a creamy sweaters. The colour goes with the poncho. I didn't put any jewellery, but gold jewellery go perfectly with this outfit. I add a bit of contrast with the black bag.

What do you think about this outfit? Do you like it? Leave me a comment below! :)

LFW Outfit 3

LFW Outfit 3
What a great outfit for the London Fashion Week when you wear a Burberry coat, Topshop jeans, top & shoes with a Mulberry bag.   I love these Boyfriend jeans & these shoes too.  I add some colour with the turquoise nail polish. I put gold rings, you can also wear big gold chain necklace to complete the look too.

What do you think about this outfit? Do you like it?  Leave me a comment below! :) 

Gift Guide 2013

December is the month the most busy for everyone. You have to prepare everything for the Christmas parties & New Year Eve. You have to go shopping find gift for a friend or family and it's always complicated because you never know what to give. Here is a little  Gift Guide that it can help you to find the perfect gift for your friends, family and the host/Hostess. 
Gift Guide 2013

Bags: A cute bags it's always appreciate by girls. You don't need to buy an expensive one, but a pretty/fashionable one. 

Mug: A mug is a great gift. I love drinking a tea or coffee and I'm sure your friends and family use them too. It's a great cute gift that it's not very expensive. 

Perfume: I know perfume are very personal, but if you know someone who have a perfume and need another bottle it's a good gift. Also you can buy some roller ball, so they can keep have them in their bag. 

Nail Polish:  A nail polish it's a great gift. It's simple and almost all the girl wear them. You can find some more expensive like others  or less expensive.

Lipstick: A cute lipstick is appreciate too. If you know someone who love trying news colours and love them it's a great gift too. You can find some very expensive like some others are less expensive. 

Books: A good book it's a great gift. If you know someone who love fashion you can go for a fashion book. You just have to go with the taste of the person you give the gift. 

Wallets: A beautiful wallets is always appreciate. You can find some pretty and fashionable one. 

Rings: A pretty ring is always a good gift or some pretty rings too. You know when you find the fashionable one & you know  a girl who love fashion, it's a great gift. 

Warm/Cozy Clothes: A scarves, gloves and hats it's a great gift. When you are living in a cold country is always appreciate. 

Is it helps you ? Do you have some others idea? Leave me a comment below :)

Winter Essentials

I decide to do a Winter Essentials because we are like in winter right now. I know some of you are living in a warm country like some others in a cold country.  So this winter essentials is for people who are from a cold country or to people who will travel in a cold country. I hope it'll help you.
Winter Essentials
** sorry for the mistakes, but I know  it's lipstick and not lispstick**

Warm Coat:  A warm coat is essentials. You can find some more fashionable, like other or more simple, like a snow coat, when you go skiing.

Warm Boots: It's kind of essentials, when it's so cold outside you are so happy to have them. You can wear some less warm boots, but I suggest you to wear some warm  socks.

Hats/Beanie: You know when you are waiting for the bus, are you have to walk a long distance a beanie is always important. It keeps you warm. Also, some of them are very pretty and fashionable.

Sweaters/Jumpers:  This time of the year is my favourite because you can wear Jumpers. It's easy to wear and it keeps you warm. Also, it can go with everything.

Mitten/Gloves:  It's something that I like to wear when it's very cold. It keeps me warm too. I'm the type of girl who hate wearing them at some point because it takes places in my bag and you can forget them everywhere you go, but it's very useful.

Warm Socks: I like warm socks, it's so comfortable. I love them when it's very cold outside, it keep me warm.

Dark Nail Polish: Okay, this one is not really an essentials, but if you like me and love wearing nail polish everyday I suggest you to go with some dark colour like these.

Dark/Natural Lipstick:  This one is not an essentials, but to people who wear lipstick everyday I suggest you some dark colours are natural one.

What is your Winter Essentials? Is it helpful? What do you think ? Leave me a comment below! :)

London Fashion Week

The London fashion week is now ended. It was an amazing week. Honestly I prefer the London Fashion week then the New York Fashion Week.  As you know, I watched some fashion show. My favourites are Mulberry, Topshop and Burberry runway so far. It's always my favourites one.  I actually post about them in my lastest post. All the runway was amazing, a lot of nice collection. I'm very exciting about the spring 2014 to come.

I was very happy to see Cara Delevingne at the Mulberry, Topshop and Burberry runway. She's my favourite models, she have such a beautiful personality and she's such an inspiration for a lot of persons. She's a great model.

Also, I was happy too see some of the look at the London Fashion Week, it's one of my favourites part of a fashion week.  I love seeing the style of everyone, something you don't think about wearing some stuff together and then you saw someone who put this thing together and it gives an amazing look.   It's nice to see how everyone looks different and they all have their own style. I love fashion week for that and of course for the runway. It's not a surprise if I told you that the Favourite Look Of The Week post will be about the style that I love form person who went at the London Fashion Week.

Here is some of my favourites look from runway:


House of Holland: 




Which runway is your favourite?  Did you like the London Fashion Week? Leave me a comment below:) 

The picture are from:


Yesterday it was the Burberry runway. It was like I expected it. Honestly, is one of my favourites fashion shows like the Mulberry one and the Topshop one.  It's the only I watched.  The collection is fantastic like always. A lot of colour, texture and nice motif too.  I fall in love with a lot of pieces, actually.  I was happy to see the model Cara Delevingne, she's my favourite model and she was in my three favourites fashion show / company that I love.  This runway was special because at the end  Rose petals failing from the ceiling that was very pretty and perfect.

Here some pictures of  my favourite looks:

Did you watch the Burberry runway? What do you think about it? Do you like the SS14 collection? Leave a comment below:) 

Favourite Look Of The Week

Today on the Favourite Look Of The Week post I choose two sistesr, Cara Delevingne and Poppy Delevingne. They both have a very nice style. This week I literally love their looks.

Cara Delevingne:

I love her white outfit, it's always pretty. I like her shoes and the contrast that it makes.  She wore a Burberry suit.  She had the nail polish to go with the shoes. I also like her jewellery. Love this look.

Poppy Delevingne: 

I love her dress. It's very pretty. As you can see she wore a blue chose. I love it!

Which look do you prefer? Do you like them? Leave me a comment below :)

Burberry Kisses

Hello everyone,

Burberry have a new project named Burberry Kisses. I think is a great idea, I love it. So here the introducing video: 

and here is the Christopher Bailey Introduced Burberry Kisses:   I'm so sorry I'm not able to put the video like the other one.

If you want more information and send some messages here the link:

Seriously I really love it! I just sent to messages !

What do you think about this project?

Marie :)

Favourite Look Of The Week

Happy Friday,

This week I have two favourite Look Of The Week. For a second week, I choose Cara Delevingne. I really like her look at Cannes. I love this Burberry dress with the red lipstick. I also like the Chopard jewellery.

My second Favourite Look is the Look of Jessica Stam at American Ballet Theatre's Spring Gala. She wore a white dress designed by Thom Browne with the black pumps.

Cara Delevingne at Cannes:

Jessica Stam at the American Ballet Theatre's Spring Gala: 


P.S.: All pictures are from

If you want to appear in the Favourite Look Of The Week send me a picture of you and the place where your clothes is from at this address:

What is your Favourite Look Of The Week? Do you like this two looks? Leave me a comment below!

Favourite Look Of The Week


I decide to start doing a post one time per week about my favourite look of the week. It'll not be just celebrity, but also people in the street. I hope you'll like this type of post.

This week my favourite look of the week is Cara Delevingne at the Met Ball. She was wearing a Burberry dress.

If you want, you can be in the Favourite Look Of The Week, you can send me a picture of you and told me where your clothes is from and maybe you'll be in a post in the next weeks.  You can send your picture at this address: