Reworked Clothes

A few weeks ago one of my friends asks me to meet her and grab a coffee or a drink because she wanted to talk about something to me. She wanted to talk to me about her reworked clothing brand she was working on. Her idea is just so amazing and asks me for some advice, but honestly, I fall in love with her clothing brand. Her mission & vision are amazing. Further, her clothes are beautiful and stunning.  I ask her if I could take pictures with this amazing leather jacket that she reworked and she said yes.  I was very pleased about it. Go over facebook page or Instagram account to see more of her clothes. You also can shop all of her clothing here:

What I Wore: 

Top: Simons

Jacket: eehemmings

Pants: ZARA

Sunglasses: Illesteva


What do you think about reworked clothes? Do you like this look?