Favourite Look of The Week

This on Favourite Look of The Week, I choose  Poppy Delevingne and Kate Moss. I decide to add a Favourite Look of The Week for men this week and it's Jim Chapman, a British youtuber.

Poppy Delevingne:

Who says that a sweater can't be chic? This is an amazing, fashionable, simple and chic outfit. The leather pant add something special at the outfit. The silver stars and moon add something "chic" at the sweater. The heels and the bag complete the look. Love it! 

Kate Moss:

I always liked Kate Moss's style.  I like this outfit because it's simple, chic and fashionable. It's also represent her very well. She knows perfectly what suits her and what it's her style.  Her bag completes the look and add something special at the outfit. Love it! 

Jim Chapman: 

I have to say that I like Jim Chapman's style. On every red carpet or event that he attempts to, he always wear beautiful clothes and his looks are always perfect.  This one is awesome, I like his suit with his brown brogue. It's original, fashionable, pretty and simple.  Love it!

Which look do you prefer? Do you like Jim Chapman look? Leave me a comment below! :)