Favourite Look of The Week

This week on Favourite Look of The Week I choose Alexa Chung and Karlie Kloss. As you will see I go for very casual look.

Alexa Chung:

I like this casual look.  Her coat is amazing and definitely add something special and complete the look.  I like the fact that we can see the collar of her top. She doesn't wear any jewellery or anything like, she stays simple. It's a fashionable, simple and pretty look. 

Karlie Kloss:

Perfect look for autumn time. Beautiful turtleneck sweaters with a leather jacket. Like the mix of both together. Again, this look is very simple, but fashionable and pretty. Her bag adds something special at the outfit at some point. It adds a bit of "chic".  Love it! 

Which look do you prefer? What do you think about those? Leave me a comment below! :)