Création Bijoux Chez Nous, The Perfect Gift

Création Bijoux Chez Nous is a jewellery company/collection by Maxime Sornin. Her jewellery are completely  amazing. She's very talented and has great ideas. All for her jewellery are homemade. I feel like, it's important to help little company that makes homemade things because they are more unique and special than one that you can find in big store.  It's almost Christmas, so it means it's Christmas shopping time, a beautiful homemade jewellery could be the perfect gift. Go check out her website and facebook page. Also, for Quebec residents & tourist, she will be at the Salon Des Artisans de Granby this weekend from the 28th to 30th November 2014.  

Do you like her jewellery above? Leave me a comment below! :)