Spring Fashion: Dresses

Today, I decide to do a Spring Fashion post. I'll talk about dresses. I don't know if you are like me, but when it's winter I prefer wearing pants & jeans  instead of dresses and skirt. When  it's -20 outside, I prefer wearing pants than tights.

You can wear different types of dresses, actually at the moment I really enjoy the Tee Dress because  it's a light fabric and you can wear them with tight and without so it's perfect for spring & summer. Also, they look very comfortable and they are pretty too.  A denim dress is always a perfect choice. The last weekend, I wear a denim dress with tight and cutout boot for my grandmother birthday, it was like the denim dress outfit below. It's perfect for spring & summer too. It's also easy to wear it can go with everything.  You can also go with dresses that have a skater skirt at the bottom, it's pretty too & you can wear them with tights if it's cool outside. The last dresses I will wear in spring is the long sleeve dresses. The one below is in light fabric so you can wear it in summer too, if it's not ohot outside. 

My advice is goes with dresses that you can wear tight with and light fabric. You can take a look at the four dress outfit ideas to take inspiration for you Spring Fashion dresses. 

Spring Fashion: Dresses by whatwearwith on polyvore.com

I hope this post will help you! 

What type of dress do you prefer for spring? Do you like this post? Leave me a comment below! :)