Favourite Look of The Week

This week on the favourite look of the week, I choose Emma Watson and Cara Delevingne. They both a very nice look this week.

Emma Watson:

Black outfit is always beautiful and fashionable.  I have to say that her coat it very pretty. She didn't wore a lot of jewellery, just two beautiful necklace that complete the look very well.  Love it!

Cara Delevingne: 

White suit with black shirt, shoes & nail polish is very pretty. I like her red lips too, it adds something special at the outfit. She always have a nice look at event.  She didn't wore too much jewellery, she wore to necklace, earrings & a watch, they all complete the look.  love it! 

What do you think about this two looks? Which one do you prefer?  What is your favourite look of the week this week? Leave me a comment below! :)