New York Fashion Week

                    New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week start tomorrow. I'm very excited, I can't wait to see the AW14 collections.  I decide to give you some information if you don't already know them.

1. If you can't go at the New York Fashion Week, you can watch the fashion show here:  I don't know if you can watch all the fashion show from the New York Fashion Week, but you can watch a lot of them.

2. You can see the schedule & print it here:  I find another schedule on the internet yesterday & it has more shows than the one MBFW website.  I find it here: So you can check both of them & find the time for the fashion show you want to watch.

I do think these two informations are important for this week. Also, using the social network to talk about your favourite designer & fashion show it's great, like these hashtag "#NYFW" "#MBFW" etc... I'm pretty sure you all does that.

Are you excited for tomorrow? What is the fashion show you are excited about? Leave me a comment below! :)