Today I decide to talk about Style.  For me style is the way you can represent your personality at the first time.  It's for that reason it's important to have your own style because each persons are unique, each person have the own personality. Yes, sometimes, personality can look the same,  but I can tell you that no one have the same personality as nobody have the same style. Sometimes style can look like the same, but they are not. 

At some age it's difficult to know you are exactly & to know what is your style. It's for that reason some of you have role model/idol. It's not because your idol wear this clothes that you have to wear the same thing. You can take inspiration of it or from other people that you see at fashion weeks. The thing that you have to make sure is that you not copying them. I know it's easy to copy someone, when you love something about them, but it's important to be unique and just takes inspiration from them. It's a reason why I call my outfit, outfit idea or outfit inspiration, because you can take inspiration from them. 

Another thing, it's not bad to wear the same pants as another person because with what you will wear with them, you'll make your own look & I can guarantee you that you'll never have the same look/outfit at someone else who wear the same pants if you put your personality on it. 

The look/Style is not the clothes that you wear, but also you hair & makeup. It's what it makes you YOU. Like the example of the pants, you can be two who wear the same pants, but because of your hair, makeup & accessories you will never have the same look. 

I think  it's important to make a difference between copying & taking inspiration of someone. Yes, some people will love the style of a celebrities or their girlfriends,  you will look  at them to know how they look, it's a normal stuff that girls do, but make sure you just take inspiration from them, not copying them.  For someone who don't know her own style, I suggest that you to look at magazine, fashion show & find what type of clothes you like. Takes inspiration from that or if you love style of 3 celebrities mix their styles together & add something that you really like together & you'll find your own style. You can also find your style at looking at fashion blogger because they are in the fashion industry, you can also find out that they wear this two colours together & you never go that they goes together & takes inspiration from that. Just make sure you are not copying them, I know I repeat it a lot of times, but it's really important, it's when you are unique you can find opportunities, jobs, friends & having the life that you want. 

I hope this post will help to find your own style & be unique & be you. 

What do you think about copying/taking inspiration? Do you like this post? Leave me a comment below! :)

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