Relaxing Day

Relaxing Day
I decide to do another post today.  I was inspired by a Relaxing Day  post.  You know sometimes it's nice to take a day to relax or when it's frozen outside we prefer to stay inside.

1. Comfortable Clothes:  When I stay at home, I love being comfortable. A leggings and a nice sweater or t-shirt it's always what I wear. You can add a necklace too, so it kind of complete the look.

2. Read Fashion: I love reading about fashion.  It's something that I enjoy to do.  I read fashion magazine & books. I love looking at other people work, sometimes you can see something you never saw & it's quite interesting.

3. Cup of tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate:  I use to drink a lot of tea, so I love making a good cup of tea while I read a book or I watch something. It's also soothing when it's cold outside when it's Winter.

4. Computer: I like looking at other blogs, magazine website, fashion site, twitter, shopping online, etc... I do think when you stay at home it's good to do all of those things, you can also work a little bit on your blog when you have some ideas.

5. Watching Movie & TV Series:  Watching my favourite movie & tv series is always awesome. You can think about other things then work & drama. Actually, it's something nice to do  & you can invite your friends too.

6. Candle: Sometime, I love lighting some candles around to create a nice & sweet ambiance. It's nice sometime to take care of yourself and do something that you love, like if you like candle, why not lighting them.

I do think sometime when you take a day or the half of a day to relax is awesome. You can stop thinking about work, school & drama.  If you love going shopping then go shopping & have fun.

What do you on a relaxing day?  Do you like this post? Leave me a comment below! :)