Today I decide to show you my obsession at the moment. I have to say that some are in my obsessions since a while now. I know it's a lot for an "obsessions", but they are like all the clothes & accessories that I want at the moment.  I can't wait to see all the SS14 collection  in store & online to find new obsessions for this spring & this summer.

1. Gorjana alphabet coin necklace & bracelet. Sadly, some of them are sold out...

2.  Mulberry's bag. You know I love love Mulberry's Bag since I saw them I want them.

3. Chloe Coat. I love it, you saw it in two outfit (winter & warm outfit). This coat looks so comfortable and warm.

4. Topshop Shoes. I love almost all their shoes, but them are like my favourites one.

5. Topshop & Zara Jumpsuit, Dungarees, Jeans & Pants.  I love all of them, each one are unique and pretty.

6.  Topshop, ASOS & BING BANG NYC rings. I love ring & those one are my favourite at the moment.  I love Bing Bang NYC jewellery, I found them recently & I fall in love with their jewellery. Here their site: http://bingbangnyc.com/

7. Mango & Topshop Top. I know some of them look like the same, but in different colour. They are like the top that I want right now. I do some outfits with some of them, you can check my older posts.

8. Topshop, boohoo & RiverIsaland kimono. I love kimono because it can complete perfectly a look.  Those ones are my favourite at the moment.

What is your obsessions at the moment? What is your favourite pieces from my obsessions?  Do you like them? Leave me a comment below! :)