Favourite Look of The Week

Today on the Favourite Look of The Week I choose Miranda Kerr, Kate Bosworth & Taylor Swift.  I have to say that I could choose more than them.

Miranda Kerr:

I like her coat.  Her look is simple & pretty.  She wore some jewellery & a red lipstick. I do think the red lips complete the outfit.  Love this look! 

Kate Bosworth: 

I like this matchy top & skirt by Christian Dior.  It's simple, chic, pretty & fashionable. She doesn't add  jewellery, she just wore a black shoes with & a red lipstick. Love it! 

Taylor Swift: 

I love this look. As you know, I put it in My Grammy's Favourites Dresses.  This dress is perfect for her & she doesn't a lot of jewellery, she stayed simple.  It's pretty & fashionable. Love it! 

Which look do you prefer? Do you like them? Leave me  a comment below! :)