Favourite Look of The Week

This week on the Favourite Look of The Week I choose Alexa Chung, Barbara Palvin, Tanya Burr and Keira Knightley.  Their look this week was amazing.

Alexa Chung:

I like her tartan pinafore with the cute black velvet shirt. The look is amazing. I love, it's a good example of a pretty, simple & fashionable outfit. 

Barbara Palvin: 

Her look is stunning.  It's also simple, fashionable & pretty.  I love the fact that she wore a scarf the same colour of her coat. It's beautiful & it's like just one piece. I like her boyfriend jeans & her shoes too. The mix of all the pieces together is perfect. I love it! 

Tanya Burr: 

Her look is amazing, like always. I love the fact that she adds a contrast & colour with her red shoes. Her dress is very pretty. She doesn't wear a lot of jewellery & it's very beautiful. You know, you don't need to wear a lot of jewellery to have a beautiful look. I love it! 

Keira Knightley: 

I like her Proenza Schooler Dress. She looks amazing. Like her shoes with the bow. It's simple, pretty & fashionable. The details of the shoes at something special at her outfit. 

Which look do you prefer? What do you think about them? Leave me a comment below! :)