Favourite Look of The Week

The first Favourite Look of The Week of 2014!!  Honestly I have two girls that I actually really like their look.  I choose Miranda Kerr & Chloe Sevigny.

Miranda Kerr:

Like always, Miranda Kerr has a beautiful look. I like this outfit because it's simple, pretty & fashionable.  I love her coat & her bag.

Chloe Sevigny: 

I like this look. It's pretty & fashionable. I love her shoes. This top & this skirt goes together perfectly. She doesn't wear a lot of jewellery & it's beautiful. It's still simple, it's the details of a clothes that makes this looks twice times  more fashionable and pretty. Also, the shoes & her definitely add something special at this outfit. Love it! 

What do you think about those looks? Which one is your favourite? Leave me a comment below! :)