Winter Essentials

I decide to do a Winter Essentials because we are like in winter right now. I know some of you are living in a warm country like some others in a cold country.  So this winter essentials is for people who are from a cold country or to people who will travel in a cold country. I hope it'll help you.
Winter Essentials
** sorry for the mistakes, but I know  it's lipstick and not lispstick**

Warm Coat:  A warm coat is essentials. You can find some more fashionable, like other or more simple, like a snow coat, when you go skiing.

Warm Boots: It's kind of essentials, when it's so cold outside you are so happy to have them. You can wear some less warm boots, but I suggest you to wear some warm  socks.

Hats/Beanie: You know when you are waiting for the bus, are you have to walk a long distance a beanie is always important. It keeps you warm. Also, some of them are very pretty and fashionable.

Sweaters/Jumpers:  This time of the year is my favourite because you can wear Jumpers. It's easy to wear and it keeps you warm. Also, it can go with everything.

Mitten/Gloves:  It's something that I like to wear when it's very cold. It keeps me warm too. I'm the type of girl who hate wearing them at some point because it takes places in my bag and you can forget them everywhere you go, but it's very useful.

Warm Socks: I like warm socks, it's so comfortable. I love them when it's very cold outside, it keep me warm.

Dark Nail Polish: Okay, this one is not really an essentials, but if you like me and love wearing nail polish everyday I suggest you to go with some dark colour like these.

Dark/Natural Lipstick:  This one is not an essentials, but to people who wear lipstick everyday I suggest you some dark colours are natural one.

What is your Winter Essentials? Is it helpful? What do you think ? Leave me a comment below! :)