My Holiday Wish List

My Holiday Wish List

I decide to do a post called My Holiday Wish List. The Holiday is almost here.  These are some stuff that I wish I could have at Christmas or for the Holiday.

1. Mulberry's bag: You know I'm a big fan of their bags, especially  these four bags. If I can have one of them, it gonna be awesome. The two in the middle are for on the day time, like when you have a lot of stuff to have in your bag. The two others, more at night, but you can still use them at day, they are absolutely beautiful.

2. Topshop's Shoes: I want this two shoes, so badly. Of course, I have a lot more shoes that I want and they are not just from Topshop.  I want this heel for  my Christmas party, I think it gonna be pretty and also for the New Year Eve.  The flat shoes is more useful for everyday. I like it because it's simple and unique.

3. The Boutique Topshop Sweater: Honestly, I love the sweater. If you follow me on twitter you probably know about it. It's such a cute sweater for this time of the wear. It can go with a skirt, pants & jeans. I want so badly.

4. Fur Coat: The fur coat is in the trend right now. Honestly since I saw the post of Danielle Bernstein blog I fall in love with a green fur coat. This one is the similar of the one she post on her blog. Here the like for her post: We Wore What . The black one goes with everything & I love it too.

5. Dungarees:  I know it's been a while since I did a Dungarees Outfit, but I still obsessed with dungarees. I do think is very easy to wear, pretty and fashionable.  I love the jeans one, from River Island & a leather one for the time of the here too. You can wear them with a sweater because it's more cold outside are with a boyfriend coat and it's very pretty.

6. Neck Sweater:  The neck sweater is in the trend right now. I really like this one from Boutique Topshop. I want it so much. Actually I did a post with it on my blog.  It looks so comfortable and can go with like everything.

7. Michael Kors's rings: I'm obsessed with these rings. If you check some of my lastest post I put them on it a lot of time. These rings are so pretty! I love them so much!

8. Michael Kors's bracelets: These two bracelets are so pretty. I like them so much. They are very pretty  & can complete a look. Since I saw them, I want them.

9. Tiffany's Necklace: They other I look at their website & I found this cute heart necklace. I fall in love with it. It's such a pretty necklace and can go with everything. It can complete a look too.

So here are some things that I want.   Some of them are more basic and others are more unique.  If I can give you some idea for you holiday wish list or for gift you wan to give, I'm happy.

What is your Holiday Wish List? Which one in my holiday wish list you want? Leave me a comment below :)