Gift Guide 2013

December is the month the most busy for everyone. You have to prepare everything for the Christmas parties & New Year Eve. You have to go shopping find gift for a friend or family and it's always complicated because you never know what to give. Here is a little  Gift Guide that it can help you to find the perfect gift for your friends, family and the host/Hostess. 
Gift Guide 2013

Bags: A cute bags it's always appreciate by girls. You don't need to buy an expensive one, but a pretty/fashionable one. 

Mug: A mug is a great gift. I love drinking a tea or coffee and I'm sure your friends and family use them too. It's a great cute gift that it's not very expensive. 

Perfume: I know perfume are very personal, but if you know someone who have a perfume and need another bottle it's a good gift. Also you can buy some roller ball, so they can keep have them in their bag. 

Nail Polish:  A nail polish it's a great gift. It's simple and almost all the girl wear them. You can find some more expensive like others  or less expensive.

Lipstick: A cute lipstick is appreciate too. If you know someone who love trying news colours and love them it's a great gift too. You can find some very expensive like some others are less expensive. 

Books: A good book it's a great gift. If you know someone who love fashion you can go for a fashion book. You just have to go with the taste of the person you give the gift. 

Wallets: A beautiful wallets is always appreciate. You can find some pretty and fashionable one. 

Rings: A pretty ring is always a good gift or some pretty rings too. You know when you find the fashionable one & you know  a girl who love fashion, it's a great gift. 

Warm/Cozy Clothes: A scarves, gloves and hats it's a great gift. When you are living in a cold country is always appreciate. 

Is it helps you ? Do you have some others idea? Leave me a comment below :)