Favourites Look of 2013

This post is about my Favourites Look of  2013.  I choose some looks from Miranda Kerr, Eleanor Calder, Tanya Burr, Cara Delevingne and Olivia Palermo. 

Miranda Kerr: 

These three are my favourites look of Miranda Kerr this year.  I love some others, but they are my favourite of the favourite. She has a beautiful style and she's very fashionable. I like her style 

Eleanor Calder: 

These two look are my favourites of Eleanor Calder this year. Honestly, she has a beautiful style and clothes.  I both of the outfit. They are both simple, fashionable and pretty. 

Tanya Burr: 

I love these two looks. They are very fashionable and pretty. I love the dress so much.  I love the fact she had a colour with the bag.  I love the crop top of the last outfit. It's a beautiful outfit. 

Cara Delevingne: 

I like the style of Cara Delevingne in general because she's unique.  She always wore beautiful clothes and have her own style.  Love these two. I like the white suit, it's pretty. I like the fact that in the other outfit she had her own detail with a trainers shoes. 

Olivia Palermo: 

I love this look so much.  The tartan dress with the Thigh High boots, it's perfect together.  It's fashionable, simple, pretty and it looks so comfortable too. 

What is your favourite Look of 2013? Which one did you prefer in my Favourite Look of 2013?  Leave me a comment below! :) 

***Picture are from the other posts of my blog... for more details look a the favourite look of the week to know exactly where they are from ***