Favourite Look of The Week

This week, on the favourite look of the week I choose the Duchess of Cambridge and Miranda Kerr. I know Miranda Kerr is in almost all my favourite look of the week. I really like her style & each week or almost each week I prefer one of her looks.

The Duchess of Cambridge:

I love her dress so badly! She  wore a pretty Rolland  Mouret Dress. The dress is white or cream (with this picture I'm not  really sure). I love the fact that the dress it's like simple and she completes the look with a beautiful necklace.  I love this look so much ! 

Miranda Kerr: 

I love this everyday look. It looks comfortable too. It's kind of simple, but it's fashionable.  I love her leather coat with the leather boots.  Her sunglasses and her red lipstick completes the look. The red lips add a little colour, something that I really like.  I love this look! You should take inspiration from it. 

Which look did you prefer?  Do you like this dress? What do you think about  these looks? Leave me a comment below:)