Favourite Look of The Week

Today on the Favourite Look of The Week I choose Alexa Chung & Kate Bosworth.  I like more than one look of Kate Bosworth this week, but the one I choose is my favourite one.

Alexa Chung:

I love the mix of the sweater and this type of skirt. It's look very comfortable, pretty and fashionable.  I love this outfit so much.  I love her skirt so much. It's very pretty. 

Kate Bosworth:

I love her looks. It looks comfortable and fashionable.  I love her coat and her shoes. It's very pretty. I love this look !! 

You know that when you are fashionable you can be comfortable too. Never forget that. Take an example of look of Kate Bosworth. 

Which look did you prefer? Do you like them? Leave me a comment below :)