Favourite Look Of The Week

Today, on the Favourite Look Of The Week it's Emma Watson and Miranda Kerr. I know Miranda she's in like all my Favourite Look Of The Week, but she have a very nice style.

Emma Watson:

I like her look. It's very fashionable, simple and pretty. I love her jacket, her bag and her boot. I also like her sweaters. I love this mix of the clothes together. It's a good example of  an outfit for every day and feel comfortable in it.  Love it! 

Miranda Kerr:

It's a picture of last week. I didn't post it last week because I was busy, so I post it today. I love her dress and her bags. She always wore beautiful clothes. It's a simple look, but it's very fashionable.  I also love her jewellery. I love it!! ( oh and how cute is her son!!) 

Which look is your favourite? Do you like both of them?  What do you think about them? Leave me a comment below :)