Favourite Look Of The Week

Today on the Favourite Look Of The Week I choose Tanya Burr and Miranda Kerr.  I love more than one look this week and definitely more than just Tanya Burr and Miranda Kerr looks, but I had to choose and I choose them.  

Tanya Burr:

Honestly it was difficult to choose the outfit of Tanya Burr, because she wore some really cute outfits for the London Fashion Week. The look she had at the Mulberry fashion show was beautiful and lovely. You can check others of her look from the London Fashion Week on her blog here: http://www.tanyaburr.co.uk/ I choose this look because I love this dress. How pretty it is . I love the contrast with her bag & I love her bag.  I love everything of this look !! Love it!! 

Miranda Kerr: 

I love her dress. How pretty it is ?!?  I love the details of this dress.  I love her green & gold back. It adds a contrast with her dress and complete the look. I also like her gold sandals.  

I also love her denim look. I love her bad and her shoes in the look.  I really want to share with you this look to show you that you can mix denim together and created a very nice look like this one. 

Which looks is your favourite one?   Leave me a comment below :)