Favourite Look Of The Week

It's not because it's the New York Fashion Week and the Montreal Fashion Week that I don't write my Favourite Look Of The Week today.  So  today,  I choose Alexa Chung.  Honestly I fall in love with her look this week, you'll see below why !  The other one is Poppy Delevingne,  I know  she's there for like 3 weeks now, but I really like her look recently.

Alexa Chung:

I love her look with the dungarees, as you know I love dungarees.  I like the fact that she wore a coat with and a blouse. Do you see the pumps, they go with her bag and her coat! Love this look!! 

Poppy Delevingne: 
Her outfit really look like one I created months ago. I love it.  I love the fact that she put a blazer with a jeans short. Do you look at the shoes, how it completes the look. Love it! 

Which look did you prefer?  What do you think about them? Leave me a comment below :)