Autumn/Winter Essentials

Autumn/Winter Essentials

I thought it gonna be a good idea if I do an Autumn/Winter Essentials.  I didn't put all the clothes that I love for this season because it will not be an Autumn/Winter Essentials, but more an Autumn/Winter clothes.  I put a few clothes that I think they are essentials to be fashionable for the Autumn and Winter.  Like I said  I didn't put every clothes that are in the trend.

1. Thigh High Bouts:  The Thigh High Boots are in the trend right now. It's very pretty with a mini skirt, mini dress and also with a skinny jeans.

2. Plaid/Tartan mini skirt: You will see a lot of Plaid/Tartan mini skirt in the trend for the Autumn and Winter trend.  I did two outfit with them that you can see in my older post.  You can wear them with a sweaters, a shirt with a leather jacket and more.

3.   Oversize sweaters: The oversize sweaters is in the trend this year. I saw a post  on another fashion blog and she was wearing it with the Thigh High Boots and it was very pretty.  You also can wear them  with a leggings, like a leather one or a black one.

4. Boyfriend Jeans: The Boyfriend Jeans is still in the trend. I love this one because it's two colours.  You will find some boyfriend jeans like this one. You can wear them with a sweaters, sweatshirt, shirt and more. Use your creativity and create your own style.

5. Dungarees: As you probably know, I love the Dungarees, it's very easy to wear. You can wear them with a sweaters, crop top, shirt, blouse, etc...

6. Playsuit, Jumpsuit: The playsuit and Jumpsuit are also in the trend. You can wear them with a sweaters, crop top and more. You can also add a leather jacket on it to completer the look.

7. Sweatshirt: The Sweatshirts are in the trend. You can wear them with a boyfriend jeans, a skinny jeans, leggings and more. Also, it's very comfortable.

8. Leather Jacket: Honestly I love leather Jacket. You have different type of leather jacket so you can create a very nice look with them.  It can go with everything.

9. Boyfriend Coat: The boyfriend coat is every pretty. It can go with everything too. It completes the look and add something special at your outfit.

10.  Sweaters/Jumpers: The Sweaters is something that I think everyone have one at home. It's comfortable and goes with like everything. I also like the fluffy sweaters like this one, it's pretty and unique. You can also find the crop top sweaters too. You can wear them with a dress, skirt, trouser, jeans, dungarees and playsuit.

11. Oxfords shoes: The Oxfords Shoes are still in the trend this year. I love them. You can have a chic outfit  or a casual outfit and it goes.  It can go with everything.

12 & 13. Cut out boots: The Ankle Cut Out Boots are in the trend. I love them. It's pretty and complete the look.  You can wear them with a lot of things and it's fashionable.  You can create a very nice outfit with them.

14. The Skinny Jeans: The Skinny Jeans is in the trend, like always. They are comfortable, pretty and goes with a lot of things. I suggest to you to buy one black because it goes with everything and denim blue one too.

15. Trouser: The Trouser is something every convenient  when you work in an office. You can buy  a black one, but you can also buy a motif one, like this one. It's very pretty and unique. The trouser can be casual and chic, it's all depend with what you wear it.

I hope this post can help you for the season.  Actually they are my favourite pieces right now for the season and I do think they are essentials. I didn't put some dresses, but of course, you have some types of dress in the trend and a dress is always pretty with an oxford shoes or a boot.

Do you like this post ?  Which one is your favourite pieces for the season? Leave me a comment below :)