Favourite Look Of The Week

Today on the Favourite Look Of The Week post, I'll show you the look of Miranda Kerr this week, the look of Poppy Delevingne at the BMWi3 Global Launch Event and the look of Kylie Minogue.  As you know I like the style of Miranda Kerr, every week I try the most as I can to find other look than her look, but I always like it.  

Miranda Kerr:

I have to say that I love her boots. I love this outfit, it's very simple and fashionable.  I also like her bag, very pretty. 

Poppy Delevingne: 

I love her pants. I like the fact that she wore a black shoes, pant and top and she adds a colour with the denim sheer.  I love it! 

Kylie Minogue: 

I like her jeans.  It's the boyfriend jeans and I love it.  I like her blouse too and her hat, it completes the look.  It's simple and fashionable. I love it! 

Which look did you prefer?  What do you think about these looks? Leave me a comment below :) 

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