My birthday gift

Hello everyone,

Approximately  two weeks ago it was my birthday. I received some nice gift from my family and friends. I want to share with you some of the gift I received because I wear  them almost everyday. I fall in love with them.

One of my gift was two rings from Pandora. My mom and family ask me what I want for my  18 birthday and I did a list, I put two Pandora rings, I thought to receive just one, but I received both of them. When I saw them for the first time, I fall in love with them. They are very pretty since I received them, a lot of people told me: "I love your rings"  "These rings is very beautiful"  "Your  rings are very beautiful".

The second one is a bracelet. I didn't ask it, but I received it. I really like it too.  I didn't wear it everyday, but almost.  I really like it too. It's very pretty and goes with like everything.

Sorry, for this one I don't have the link. 

I also received two necklaces, one with my name on it. I love it! I wear it everyday. It's very pretty. The other one is a necklaces that  it was at my great-grandmother.  I received it because my name is Marie because of her.  Her name is Marie. I think it's like the best 18 birthday gift for me, it means a lot of me.

Sorry I don't have the link for both of them .. because they are both unique & I didn't have a picture of my other necklace. 

So their my 18 birthday gift that I received. Do you like them?  Leave me a comment below :)