Favourite Look Of The Week

We are Friday today and it means one thing: Favourite Look Of The Week! This week I choose three people that I love their look this week.  The first one is Kate Middleton when she's leaving the hospital this week. Congratulations to Kate and the Prince William for the beautiful baby.  The second one is Rosie Fortescue from the TV show Made in Chelsea, I really love her look. The third one is Miranda Kerr, she have a nice look.

Kate Middleton:

She wore a beautiful blue white polka dress. She wore the shoes to go with the polka on her dress. She's very pretty.  I love her outfit 

Rosie Fortescue: 

I love her look. Love her jacket too, very fashionable and the boots are pretty and add colour. I don't know if you see it, but it seems like her nail polish goes with her shoes too.  Love it ! 

Miranda Kerr: 

I love this dress.  She always wore a beautiful dress.  I love her shoes too. It's a pretty look and perfect for this summer. I also like the red lipstick. 

Which look is your favourite one? Do you like them? What do you think about these look ? Leave me a comment below :) 

If you want to appear in the Favourite Look Of The Week, send me a picture of your look at this address: whatwearwith@hotmail.co.uk