Summer Time

Today I decided to do a summer time post. I was supposed to update my Haul Shopping Video, but the quality is very bad, so I'll film it again tonight!  It's the first Monday in June and actually like the first Monday of the summer.

Summer, is the perfect season to wear dresses, skirt and short. I love this season because you don't need to wear nylon socks under your skirt or dress and you can also wear sandals !! :)

Here is a few clothes I love for this summer:

1. Wedge Sandals:

2. White Dresss:

3. Denim Pini Dress:

4. Printed Dress:

5. Dungarees:

I didn't put a picture, but I love maxi skirt and crop top for this summer. It's very pretty...  All the clothes & images are from Topshop.  I really like this store.

What is your favourite clothes pieces for this summer?  What clothes are you exciting to wear this summer?  Leave me a comment below ! :)