May Favourite

I decided to do a monthly favourite. I think it'll be nice. At each beginning of a month I'll post a monthly favourite about the last month. Each month favourite will about fashion & beauty. Maybe I'll add random favourite, I still don't know.  I hope you will enjoy this new post on my blog.

Today, it's the May Favourite. My favourite things on this month favourite is about beauty and fashion.  I try some product and I actually love them, here we go:

1. Wake Me Up Foundation by Rimmel London. I watch a lot of Tanya Burr's videos and she talks a lot about this product and Zoe Sugg from Zoella too she talks about it in some videos so I decide to try it and I'm in love with it. I love my skin with this foundation. It's not so expensive and you can find it at the Drugstore.

2. Lise Watier Eyebrow Essentials. At the end of April I did my Eyebrow and I made a mistake I want to the Drugstore where I ask a cosmetician about each product I should use for my mistake. She suggested me the Lise Watier Eyebrow. I Actually love it! My Eyebrow looks very nature and perfect.

3. HACIENDA Vintage T-Bar Shoes from Topshop. Yes, I decide to put a shoes on my May Favourite. Its little bit weird, but I actually love them. They are so comfortable. I think I was wearing them almost part of the time. They go with like everything.

4. T-shirt/Crop Top & a skirt. This type of outfit I love them. They are so pretty, casual and original. I actually love this outfit for this summer too. I love the look of that. You can be very unique with this outfit because you choose you own t-shirt or crop top with the skirt that you want and you add some jewellery and nail polish & you have your own style and you are very fashionable. I love it!

5. As you can probably see on my blog I love Dungarees. My last May Favourite it's the denim dungarees. I love them. They are very easy to wear and it's always pretty. You have the "short" dungarees for this summer. It's definitely something I will wear this summer.

What is you May Favourite? Leave me a comment below!