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Clothes Denim

As you probably know the Denim clothes are in the trend. I like some denim pieces for this summer. I decided to show the pieces that I like. Maybe it'll help you to find the perfect denim clothes for this summer.

1. Pini Denim Dress: As you can see in my older posts, I used the Pini Denim Dress. I really like it because it's pretty and easy to wear. I think  it's a perfect dress for this summer.

2. The Denim Dungarees: I put two types of denim dungarees. I really like them for the same reasons as the Pini Denim Dress very easy to wear and it's always pretty.

3. Denim Short: I think the denim short is a classic, you have a lot of type of denim short so it can goes to everyone. I like them because it's pretty with everything, you just have to use your creativity and make a cute outfit with.

4. The Denim Top:  Like the denim top because you can a denim t-shirt like the third top on the picture. It's can be very pretty with a short, skirt & pants. You have to use your creativity with it. I love it! You can also find the crop denim sheer like the first one, it's very pretty and go with a lot of things. You also have the classic one, the second on the picture the denim sheer, it's also can go with everything.

There are my favourite denim pieces for this summer. Don't forget to try and to mix a lot of things together and be unique. Add  some jewellery, a cute shoes and a nail polish and you have an outfit with you favourite denim clothes.  If you need some help, advice and more, you can leave a comment below!

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Do you like denim clothes? What do you think about them?