My favourite pieces for this summer


So today, I decided to do a list about my favourite pieces for this summer. A lot of persons ask that question. So there they are:

1. Dungarees/Jumpsuit/Playsuit/overalls: ¸
I love this, it's so easy to wear, so practical and pretty. I love them a lot.  I love the denim dungarees with a fedora, I find this very pretty. You can have some chic Jumpsuit as you can casual Jumpsuit. I love them.

2. Denim Dress: Denim dress is "Come back" in the trend this year. You have some many types of denim dress, I love that.  It's cute with a lot of things.  I just fall in love with them, all the denim dress I post on my blog until today are very my type.  It's easy to wear, pretty and simple. Love that.

3. Striped Skirt: Did you remember the outfit I did with a Tibi Striped Skirt? It's exactly what I love. With a crop top or a simple t-shirt or also a blouse, it's very pretty. It's perfect for this summer. I like the long striped skirt than the short one, but it's still depend of the style of the skirt.

4. Maxi Skirt:  I love maxi skirt, it's very pretty, simple to wear and practical for every type of activities. If you have a cocktail, if you want shopping, having a friend's dinner, etc...  It's can be very chic as it can be very casual. It's always depend with what you are wearing it.
5. Crop top:  I love crop top when the person wearing them properly. It's very cute  with a skirt, with a waist  jeans, a waist pants, a Jumpsuit and more. You can have a lot of type of crop top. Some of them are more chic than others.

What is you favourite pieces for this summer? Leave a comment below!