Todd Lynn Fashion Show at LWF AW/13


I watched the Todd Lynn Fashion Show.  It was a great fashion show,  classic, simple and original clothes. . A lot of grey, blue, black and beige.  The clothes are very cute and the outfit   are very  beautiful too The designer Todd Lynn use a lot of different tissue, I like it.   A lot of coat, skirt, dresses, pants.  I find the fashion show very interested and unique.  I like the mix of tissue for a lot of clothes it's beautiful and classic.  You have clothes for approximately all the taste, but still in the same style at the same time. I like the fact that we can see every clothes how they fit on someone.  Some clothes are very special and unique, I like it.  I love how he use his tissue and add some little details on the clothes.  I like this fashion show, the clothes, the colour, I like everything on this fashion show.

All the Picutre are from: You can find more picture on the link too. The next Fashion show I will able to watch is Issa or/and House of Holland.