Question about fashion show


A readers ask me a good question :  What do you thing about how the designers present their collection ( outfit)?

Honestly,  with my stylist eyes and with my vision, I will want to show how each pieces of my collection fit on someone. Example, the leggings, I'll do an outfit that you can see how the leggings fit, not just the bottom of the leggings, but everything of the leggings! I think it's the goal of a fashion show, it's not just to show the collection but also how the clothes are on someone! If you like it, you'll buy it, so I thing it's important to show how all pieces look like on someone, not just a part of the pieces, but all.  An other example, when you have a coats and you have a shirt under the clothes, in a most part of the fashion show, you can see the shirt, but sometimes, you didn't see the shirt on all the time of the fashion show, I find it sad, because it's also a part of the collection, maybe the model can get out the coat at a moment on the catwalk so we can see the shirt.  It's my opinion!

Have a nice day !