J.W. Anderson Fashion Show at LFW AW/13


I watched the J.W. Anderson Fashion show. It was a great fashion shoe. All the clothes are very unique et original. On his AW/13collection  you can find a lot of dresses, skirts and pants.  A lot of black, white and grey clothes, you also can find other colours.  I like his clothes, because they are very original and special at the same time. I said a lot of time special in my post, you have to take it in a good away.  You also can find a some clothes, like 2-3 motifs clothes.

All the pictures are from : http://www.vogue.co.uk/fashion/autumn-winter-2013/ready-to-wear/jw-anderson . You can also find other pictures on the link. The next fashion show I'll watch is tomorrow, I don't know yet which I'll watch first.