John Rocha Fashion Show at LFW AW/13


I watched John Rocha Fashion Show. The clothes are very original with different tissue. A lot of black clothes, but still have pink, green and red clothes too.  I love the originality of his clothes, and the tissue that he use.  Love the outfit, everything go together and you can see how each clothes fit on someone.  The hat was original and special, I like it because it's unique.  I like the style of the the shirt and pants.  It's a great Fashion show. I didn't like all pieces, but I like a lot of them. You can find in is collection clothes for like all the tastes. The coats are cute and beautiful.  Lot of skirts, pants, coats, dresses and shirts (blouses). I like this fashion show.

The next Fashion Show I will watch is the Todd Lynn Fashion show in 1 hour and 30 minutes.