Jean-Pierre Braganza Fashion Show at LFW AW/13


I watched the Jean-Pierre Braganza Fashion show. I like some pieces, but don't all of his collection. I have to said that the most part of his collection is in black, white and grey. You can see some blues pieces and green.  I like the  some jackets and some dresses and one very beautiful black pants. (hope I can have the pictures of this outfit). In general it's not a style that I really like because you have a lot of draw/motif on the clothes and I'm not really a fan of that when it's all around the clothes.  It's a very great Fashion show, with cute clothes for different taste.  The outfit was beautiful  and all things going together!

All the pictures are from : You can find more picture to the link too. I'll be able to watch the Central Saint-Martin's MA fashion show in  3 hours and 30 minutes.