Fashion Show top 3 LFW

Hello !

The last 5 last days, it was the London Fashion week. As you know, I watched some fashion shows as more as I can.  A lot of them was great, not like all the clothes, but a part.  I have 3 fashion shows that I really like.  I fall in love with the clothes of two and the fashion show in general, they was very great. The other one, I find his fashion show interesting and very nice to watch.   Here is my top 3:

1. Topshop Unique:  For more details click here:

2. Burberry:  For more details click here:

3. House of Holland: For more details click here:

I really love Burberry & Topshop Unique clothes and the fashion show. I love the House of Holland fashion show, but not all the clothes.

What is you fashion show top 3?  What is your favourite fashion show?