David Koma Fashion Show at LFW AW/13


I watched the David Koma Fashion Show.  It was a very good fashion. I fall in love with. I love a most part of the clothes. A lot of black beige, red and blue. You can fin in his AW/13 collection a lot of skirts and dresses. You can also fin some jackets and coats.  I like the different tissue in the clothes, it's interested.  The clothes are cute ad unique. The only thing I don't really like it's when the outfit have a Jacket or a coat and we can't see the shirt or the top of the dress, so see how it's work/fit on someone.  I like this fashion show in general,  I find some details that I don't like, but it's just details.

when I will have some pictures, I'll post them.

The next Fashion I'll watch is the Mulberry Fashion Show tomorrow.