Important pieces

Important pieces

Black dress:  You need a black dress, because it's  "passe-partout" you can wearing it for a dinner, cocktail  work, party and a date.  It's an important pieces to have in you wardrobe.

Black or/and white simple top: We always need a simple, classic top. You can wearing it under a jacket, vest.  for the bottom with a jeans, pants and skirt.

Blouse: A blouse you can wearing it with everything, skirt, jeans, pants, jacket, vest.

Black skirt:  The black skirt it's a classic and it's a "passe-partout". You need one, the model that you one without  "glossy". because it's more for New Year, Christmas and party like that you wear a "glossy" skirt.

Sweaters: I love sweaters, it's comfortable, and useful.  You can wearing it with a jeans and leggings  sometime with a skirt too.  It's kind of "passe-partout".

Jeans: Who don't wear a jeans? I think everyone have one, it's useful too because  you can wearing it every time  at work ( when the jeans is  very clean and it's depend the rule at your office), for a party, dinner, school, shopping day etc..

Jacket:  A jacket it's the complete pieces for a look.  It's important to have it, because you can wearing it with like everything.  So you can go everywhere and you didn't look to  much dressy or less dressy, it's always perfect.

Coat: When you living in a cold city/country where you can have winter, it's very important. Also, if you travel around the world it's important too.  You have a lot of model, for all the taste.

Hope it will help you for your wardrobe !