Golden Globes


Yesterday, it was the Golden Globes, as you probably know.  I decide to show you some dresses that I like and some other that I have some critical comments to said. 

I like this dress because  it's simple, sexy and original and the same time. 

This dress is cute, but if I was her stylist or her, I just didn't take this colour for her skins. I don't like this dress on her.

This dress is very original, sexy and cute. I love this dress.

Very beautiful dress, sexy and cute.  The black dress is always a good option.

I just love this simple and sexy dress. The colour is perfect for her skins & her hair.

This dress is simple, chic and cute.  Love the design.

What is the bottom of the dress, seriously ?? I just don't understand, the top is very cute, but I don't like the bottom.

This dress is sexy, chic and very cute. She have the body to wearing this type of dress.

This dress is one of my favourite. Simple, chic and sexy. The tissue is chic and have some textures and it's very cute.

This dress too is one of my favourite. Love the colour, the type.  She have the body to wearing this dress.

Love this dress.. but I think white, didn't go with her skins, she look sick with that

Classic, simple and original. You can have better choice to be sure that the dress is perfect for the occasion and not to much special and the colour go in all skins.

Which one is your favourite?

I said  what I think about the pictures that I found, maybe in real, it's more beautiful.

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