Friday Favourite site/blog


So today, I decide to show you some great site/blog I love and why.

1. : I love her site because she give advice, she talk about everything. She also, give some decoration idea, recipes and more. It's very interesting.

2. : It's great site, you can find all clothes that you want & accessories. They ship worldwide.  You have clothes and accessories in all prices.  They have also clothes for men.

3. I really like this site/store. They have beautiful clothes and accessories. It's just sad because they didn't ship worldwide, in their site you can find the country they ship.  They also have great prices.

4. : It's the most original blog I never saw. It's awesome, you can find some nice, special, extraordinary picture of hair, makup & more. You can also find some tutorial hair & hair product to you use. She also post pictures that she like or have something to said about them.  It's a very nice blog.

5. : You can find tutorial beauty ( hair, makeup, nail) tutorial. You can find advice about beauty. I like it because, I try a lot of their tutorial and it's working & it's beautiful.

6. I'm litteraly in love with their jewellery and accessories. They ship worldwide, to more information, check my post here: Chelsea Doll

* I didn't put my favourite store.