Curly hair


Today, I decide to show you some ways to curl your hair.  You can use the iron, but you have different type of iron.  Make sure you take the perfect one for what you want. If you use a regular small one, you have small curl, but if you take a big you have big one. It thing everyone know this.  I really like using the Conair You Curl Curling Wand because it's look every natural.

It is that one. You have different style of them and different company who did some iron like that.  Or you can take the traditional way and  do braids.  You can do one big braids or some braids, its for you. More you do braids more you hair will be curling.  Don't forget  to do your braids when you hair are wet, the result will be more beautiful and perfect !

I think curling iron and braids are the most easy way to curl your hair.  Yes you can use  bigoudi, but it's more difficult to use.

Hope it'll help you,