Holidays Clothes and more

Hello !

I decide to write about clothes  that I love wearing on Holidays for each occasion. I'm a girl who  love have the choice, sometimes it's not always possible, but I try.

First, when I'm relaxing, like stay at home, watching movie with my friends etc.. I love wearing a sweaters with a skinny jeans  or a leggings  I love add a beanie to complete my look. It's comfortable and beautiful.  Other things I did, it's jogging pants with a t-shirt. I add a beanie too. I love be comfortable everytime, but when I'm relaxing I love to be cosy.

Second, when I have a dinner or a party etc... I love wearing a skirt with a beautiful blouse or shirt.  For the shoes,  a wedge or a cute heel, maybe a flat too, it's depend how I feel and why I go dinner or going at a party.   Sometimes, I wearing a cute dress, not to much dressy, with a cute heel or wedge.   You can wear a cute flat too. It's for your taste.

Third, when it's Christmas and New Years I love be a little more dressy with a very dressy dress or skirt, I always wearing heel or wedge, I think it's more dressy, but you have to go with your taste too.  I love having my hair curly, not natural , but curly with a curly iron.

Fourth, for everyday I love wearing jeans with a cute blouse or shirt or a leggings or jeans with a sweaters. I add a beanie too.  Like I said before, I love be comfortable.  I wearing Oxford shoes or a white converse or Keds. I love having my natural hair.

The best it's be comfortable in your clothes. Go with your taste, but make sure that it's going together.You can check in my older post, you can find a cute outfit that you like. I also did like 4-5 men outfit too, if it's can help you to find a Christmas gift for your son, boyfriend, brother etc..

have a nice day !