Fashion book


A lot  of person ask for some great fashion book. So I decide to do a list with description.

1. Lauren Conrad Book Style by Lauren Conrad:  I love this book. I did a post about it. She give a lot of advice and she talk about clothes, make-up,  hair and more.  It's very interesting.

2. Teen Vogue Handbook:  I like this book too and I did a post about it. You can find designer  stylist, models and more job. They talk about their education, where they work. Also on this book you can find some Fashion school. It's very interesting and helpful.

3.  Decades of Fashion: from 1900 to now by Harriet Worsley:  I find this book, because I started a program, but finally it's not a good one, for  what I want to do.. But seriously this book it's very interesting. It's a lot of picture from each years and fashion style. You can see older pictures with the fashion on this years. It's very interesting and they explain at each Style what it is.

4. Isms: Understanding Fashion by Mairi Mackenzie: I find this book  for the same reason than the last. It's all the style with the Ism at the end of the words. It's very interesting. It's explain each style and you have some pictures of the style.

The two last books it's more the history part of fashion, but it's very interesting and I learn a lot with them.

5. Lauren Conrad book Beauty, by Lauren Conrad : I didn't read it, but if it's like the first, "Style", it should be very interesting. One of my friend, read it and she love it. So I guess  it'll be very interesting and informant.

It's pretty much for now, I have some books that I didn't read and friends too didn't read, so I'll do an other post about Fashion book.