Claudia Interview Q/A

Hi guys,

I followed a girl on twitter. Her name is Claudia, she's very nice & she have a nice style too. So I ask her if she want answering some questions about her style.  She's answer all of them.  She's the first girl I ask questions, I'll doing that with others! I'll try ask some celebrities & hope they'll answer me !

There is the questions/answers:

How are you describe your style?
answer: My style is really laid back, I don't try too hard, but when I do I like to get ready. Skinny jeans and a nice top can never go wrong. 

What is you favorite store?
answer: My favorite store is by far TopShop. They style is so classy and edgy, its different and I like different. 

What is you favorite piece of clothes?
answer: My favorite article of clothing is really anything from TopShop, or my Michael Kors black skinny jeans cause they're so comfy and simple. Oooo or my grey Rubbish infinity scarf. 

Who is your inspiration if you have one?
answer:  My style inspiration would probably have to be Demi Lovato since a lot of what she wears is TopShop, I feel as if we could easily share clothes. 

Thank you very much Claudia,